June Turkey Month Tribute

06-09-2014 in Communications Internship

By: Adelai Swanson, CSIF Intern

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – June 9, 2014 – Turkey Lovers Month showcases Iowa’s turkey farmers and their dedication to raising a healthy, high quality product.

Turkey has always been a centerpiece on families’ tables, especially during the holiday season. Americans enjoy almost 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving. However, 48% of all turkey consumed is on sandwiches, which even surpasses the number of turkeys served at Thanksgiving. Subway and Jimmy John’s restaurants recognize the high consumer demand for turkey sandwiches and they proudly serve Iowa raised turkey.

The turkey industry in Iowa ranks 9th in the nation and makes a large economic impact. Iowa’s 130 turkey producing farm families raise over 11 million birds annually, contributing $1.5 billion to the state’s economy. In fact, Iowa’s economy accumulates $20 for every turkey raised in the state.

The benefits of turkey extend past our state’s economic position. Turkey is a nutritious and lean protein, which is also low in fat. A three-ounce serving of boneless, skinless turkey breast contains 26 grams of protein and only one gram of fat, which makes turkey a tasty, yet healthy option for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

“The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers is proud to work alongside Iowa’s turkey growers,” CSIF Executive Director, Brain Waddingham, said. “Celebrate their hard work and passion for raising high quality turkey products by grilling turkey for your next family meal.”


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