Support the Cause

More and more farmers are turning to the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers seeking risk-management guidance as they develop plans for responsibly growing their livestock farms. Our sole mission at CSIF is to help those farmers, at no cost, in every way possible.

To maximize the effect of these efforts, we need your help — you can:

  • Contact the Coalition if you have questions about complying with regulations, enhancing relations with neighbors, using best management practices to improve air, soil and water quality or choosing a good location for a new livestock facility.
  • Refer the Coalition to farmers in your area who may be considering growing an existing livestock farm or starting a new one.
  • Call us with news of livestock activities in your area.
  • Consider hosting a farmer-education event or an open house celebration for a new livestock barn or feedlot.
  • Become personally engaged; subscribe to the Coalition’s newsletter; connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and become an advocate for livestock farming in your area.
  • Support us financially; for more information call the Coalition at 1.800.932.2436.