Vandalism + Theft Prevention

Anyone can become a criminal’s target. Since thieves and vandals look to wreak havoc without being seen, taking much time or making much noise, farms located in remote, rural areas can appear to be easy targets.

Most people assume they are safe – but that is not necessarily the case. Every year, the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers receives numerous reports of livestock theft and/or vandalism. It is important for every farmer to stop and take time to think about the security measures they have – or don’t have – in place.

The Coalition and law enforcement officials encourage farmers to be proactive and take steps to better protect their farm and livestock, even if they are not aware of any criminal activity in their neighborhood.

For prevention tips and suggestions of what to do if you are a victim, read more here.


How to Protect Your Livestock Farm and Beef up Security


This episode of The Spokesman Speaks podcast is all about protecting your livestock farm, featuring expert advice from Indiana ag attorney Brianna Schroeder and Brian Waddingham (Executive Director of The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers).