Farming for the Future Conference

Livestock – A Way Back to the Farm


Looking to grow your farm?  Is livestock financially feasible for your farm today?  What livestock is right for your farm?  Are there cost-share programs available to build livestock barns and feedlots?  What’s the outlook for financing and interest rates?  If you are asking those questions, then the annual Farming for the Future Conference is a must! This year’s conference, Financing Your Livestock Farm, features an overview of the opportunities in livestock agriculture in the state of Iowa, the financial feasibility of raising livestock today and programs that are available to help finance your livestock project. Various opportunities for contract feeding livestock will also be presented.

The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers works beside Iowa farm families as they make important management decisions about growing the farm.  If you have questions about opportunities in raising livestock, give the Coalition a call for a no-cost and completely confidential farm visit.




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