Iowa Dairy Farmers are a Reason to Celebrate

06-02-2014 in Communications Internship

By: Adelai Swanson, CSIF Intern

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – June 2, 2014 – This June we recognize and celebrate Iowa’s dairy community.

Iowa dairy farmers care for 204,000 milk cows on 1,684 separate farms. These cows produce 4.35 billion pounds of milk each year, consequently ranking Iowa 12th in the nation for total milk production. The dairy community also leaves a substantial impression on Iowa’s economy. Nearly $5 billion is contributed annually from Iowa’s dairy farmers and the industry sustains 22,000 jobs.

The city of Des Moines can also be found at the top of the list for per capita milk consumption, and Iowa ranks in the top ten nationally for many of the dairy goods produced including cottage cheese, American cheese, and ice cream.

Modern dairy practices allow Iowa farmers to reach these high production rankings, while reducing their environmental footprint. Compared to dairying in 1944, today’s dairy farmers require 21 percent less animals, 35 percent less water, and 10 percent less land to produce the same one billion kg of milk. The fewer number of resources used also results in less waste produced. Manure output today has been reduced by 24 percent. Iowa’s dairy farmers are focused on maintaining healthy herds, environmental stewardship, and producing wholesome dairy products.

The consumption of dairy products not only sustains a healthy, growing economy in Iowa, but also healthy and growing bodies. Dairy products contain 9 essential nutrients for optimal human health, which makes milk one of the best dietary values at only 25 cents per glass.

“The Coalition is proud to have worked directly with many dairy farmers across the state on implementing on-farm best management practices,” CSIF Executive Director, Brian Waddingham, said. “We want to extend our appreciation and thanks to Iowa’s dairy farmers, working diligently to provide healthy and safe dairy products for consumers around the world.”

So as it heats up this June, reach for a glass of milk and join us in supporting Iowa’s dairy farmers.


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