From the Intern – If I Don’t Do It, Who Will?

09-14-2018 in Communications Internship

by Megyn Walston, Communications Intern

 At the end of August, we honored our 139th Wergin Good Farm Neighbor family, Jim and Jennifer Carlson from Gowrie, IA. The Carlson’s raise cattle and hogs and are very involved in their community. It was obvious they have a positive influence in the community with over 100 friends and family joining them as they received the award.

Leaving this event, I found myself reflecting on a particular quote from a family member that I found to be intriguing. Josh Carlson is Jim and Jennifer’s son and is currently majoring in Agricultural Studies at Iowa State University. During his interview with The Big Show, he mentioned wanting to eventually go home and farm. When asked, “you could be doing anything you want, why do you choose agriculture?” Josh responded, “I’ve been involved from a young age, it was a part of my everyday life and I can’t imagine doing anything else.” He then commented, “If I don’t do it, then who will?”

I think Josh’s mentality can apply to every aspect of the agriculture industry. We are consistently being questioned, criticized, and going through the stress of market fluctuations. Because this industry isn’t “easy” and is constantly changing, I think it is important to share Josh’s outlook of, “if I don’t do it, who will?”. When you see an opportunity to share something positive, do it, because someone else is sharing something negative. If you see something that could be changed or improved, do it, because who else will?

My time with the Coalition has allowed me to share the farmer’s story. As most people know by now, this is something I thoroughly enjoy and hope to continue for years to come. If I don’t share their stories, who will? This can also be applied to my passion to educate consumers. Discussing agriculture with the general public can be daunting, as many people have based their opinions on misconstrued and negative stories. But if we, as agriculturalists, don’t start having those conversations, who will? While this quote isn’t a new concept, I think it is an important reminder to take initiative when given the opportunity. Strive to do what others don’t, no matter how intimidating or difficult it may be.

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