From the Intern – Enjoying the Experience

08-16-2018 in Communications Internship

By Megyn Walston, CSIF Communications Intern

Over the past month I have been busy with professional development while also experiencing new opportunities and networking with agriculture industry professionals. I am quickly realizing the value my internship brings to my resume and how unique this program is.

In July, I had the opportunity to organize our fifth annual Farming is a Family Affair photo contest. As my first social media campaign, I set a few personal goals for this project and I was thrilled to surpass all of those. We had 65 entries from 48 counties, our largest contest thus far! We had a 32,000 reach increase from last year, with an overall reach of 135,000 on our Facebook page! Through this experience I found a new sense of enthusiasm for social media and hope to work with public relations more in the future.

We hosted an open house in Marengo, Iowa, on August 3rd to celebrate the Mohr family’s new monoslope cattle barn. Nearly 600 people attended the event in support of the Mohr family and to learn about raising cattle in confinement. It was great to see so many farmers and supervisors interested in the 999-head barn! While I did play a small role in organizing the event, I mostly learned about their operation while networking with others interested in Iowa’s cattle industry.

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to travel to Scottsdale, Arizona, and attend my first Agricultural Media Summit. Nearly 800 agriculture communication professionals were in attendance for the event, which started with a networking reception on Sunday night followed by workshops and sessions beginning early Monday morning. I attended 8 sessions that focused on different topics, all of which applied to my internship and leadership roles, where I plan to implement those tactics learned. From graphic design and writing, to public relations and photography, I left the conference with confidence and eagerness as I begin my senior year at Iowa State University and continue my internship.

Though the summer is coming to an end, I am grateful my internship isn’t quite yet. I have been presented with a plethora of opportunities to grow my communications skills and receive feedback that motivates me to always look for ways to improve. However, the most meaningful part of my summer so far has been the people I have had the opportunity to meet and work with. I believe the agriculture industry is home to some of the best individuals and families and I am excited to continue meeting and working with them.

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