Five Things I Learned Interning With The Coalition

08-16-2017 in Communications Internship

By Emma Wilson, CSIF Communications Intern 

From traveling across the state of Iowa, writing articles, interviewing farmers and volunteering at the Iowa State Fair, this summer has been full of countless adventures with the Coalition. As the summer winds down, I’m excited to return to Ames for my senior year, but I also find myself reflecting on a wonderful summer. Although Iowa State has given me incredible opportunities, the experiences I’ve had with the Coalition couldn’t have been found in the classroom.

Here are the top five things I learned this summer:

Ready and Responsible

Whether its meeting up with the team for road trips, or getting a project done on deadline, learning to manage my time has been key to being successful this summer. Scheduling social media articles or graphics with timely information taught me how to look ahead at the week and determine what needed to be scheduled when.

Willing to Learn

I’ve always been a person with a strong desire to learn, especially when it comes to the agricultural world. The Coalition immersed me in new facets in Iowa agriculture I had not been exposed to before, aquaculture being the most interesting to me! Having the opportunity to tour two shrimp farms this summer allowed me to learn about a new livestock industry.

Open Dialogue

Get to know people. From farmers across the state to industry representatives, I had the chance to network and get to know individuals throughout Iowa. Growing up shy, I haven’t always been the most outgoing, talkative person. This internship helped me step outside of my comfort zone, and get to know Iowa’s farmers. You never know what conversation you will strike up and who you can get meet just by talking and listening to others.

Utility Player

In a communications role, I’ve learned being versatile is crucial to completing tasks successfully and in a timely manner. From creating social media content, to helping coordinate Good Farm Neighbor Awards and open houses, every day was different and full of new challenges. Being versatile allowed me to multitask in an array of projects throughout the course of the summer.

Different, But the Same

Finally, I’ve learned that no two Iowa farm families are the same. Whether farmers raise the same livestock or grow the same crops, each Iowa farm family is different. From the family’s heritage to the daily chores, I’ve come to understand how farmers do things varies. However, with differences I’ve also found a similarity that no matter the farm family, they all have the same goal: to raise healthy, wholesome products.


From growing up on the family farm, to these experiences with the Coalition, I genuinely believe my passion lies in agriculture. Among these five things and the other countless things I’ve learned this summer, working with a wonderful team who has mentored and inspired me has been an amazing experience. I can’t wait to begin a career in the field I love most.

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