CSIF News Briefs – February 2017

02-21-2017 in Green Farmstead Partner

Swanson Family of Montgomery County Presented with Good Farm Neighbor Award

The Swanson brothers of Red Oak, Iowa were awarded the Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award on Thursday, January 26 in recognition of their outstanding efforts as environmental stewards, livestock caretakers and community leaders. Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey, presented the award to the family commending them for the example they set for Iowa agriculture.

Read the full story to learn how the Swanson family keeps up with conservation and passes on a passion for raising livestock.


Farm Tip:

Whether you’re planning to grow the farm or carrying out succession planning, take advantage of the remaining weeks of winter to reflect on your goals and develop an action plan. Not sure where to start? Contact the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers at 1-800-932-2436 or visit our website at www.supportfarmers.com.


CSIF Services Spotlight:

Call the Coalition to Celebrate Your Farm Neighbors. The Coalition encourages Iowans to nominate their neighbors for the Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award. The award is presented by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and Iowa Ag Radio Network in partnership with the Coalition, and recognizes Iowa farm families who are active in their communities and go above and beyond as environmental stewards and animal caretakers.

Submit your nomination by March 1st at www.supportfarmers.com/goodfarmneighbor.


Windbreaks Designed with Livestock in Mind

Windbreaks are a great investment for any livestock farm. Whether your livestock are raised in a feedlot, pasture or barn setting, trees can provide protective screening and reduce energy costs.

Check out this month’s entry on our Green Farmstead Partner Blog to learn more.


Farmgate Quotable

“I think one of the first things that livestock producers would like to be recognized as is good stewards of the land, good caregivers for their livestock and good farm neighbors. The Coalition by becoming a port of this ties all of those together. They can recognize that good steward, that good livestock producer and that good farm neighbor all with this award.” – Bob Quinn, Host of “The Big Show”, WHO Radio

Follow the link to watch the full Good Farm Neighbor Award partner video featuring Bob Quinn and Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey.

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