Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers Launches New Website

11-09-2018 in Livestock


The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF) announced today the launch of its new website — The site is full of new content featuring livestock information, program updates, farm families CSIF has worked with and easy, user-friendly navigation.

“Our new website is specifically designed to help Iowa livestock farmers successfully and responsibly manage changes to their farms,” said CSIF Executive Director, Brian Waddingham.  “Being a livestock farmer is a difficult business, compounded by the growing number of rules and regulations. The new web site is a resource tool for those farm families who need more information so they can stay rooted in rural Iowa.”

In addition to information about the latest rules and regulations impacting livestock farmers, the new site also features information about siting considerations. “Many farmers we work with are multi-generational so it’s important to them to care for the land, so they can pass their farm down to the next generation, which is why careful selection of sites is so important,” Waddingham said.  The new web site offers considerations that may impact site selection such as wind direction and topography to proximity to water sources and public use areas.

The new web site also highlights steps farmers may take with their neighbors when making changes to their farm. “Neighbor relations is an important part of a farmer’s business plan and the site provides some initial guidance on how to do that,” said Waddingham.

The website also provides detailed information regarding CSIF’s popular Green Farmstead Partner program and how livestock farmers can participate. The program, a partnership between CSIF, the Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association and Trees Forever,

promotes the planning and installation of windbreaks around new and existing cattle feedlots, hog barns and poultry buildings. Windbreaks help reduce objectionable odors, control snow deposition, conserve energy and enhance neighbor relations.

“CSIF was founded with the mission of working with Iowa farm families to provide guidance and help implement on-farm best-management practices for raising livestock responsibly and successfully,” Waddingham said. “This new and improved website is our latest step in fulfilling that mission.”

The non-profit, non-partisan organization provides assistance to farmers at no cost. CSIF does not lobby or develop policy. Farm families wanting a helping hand can also contact CSIF at 800.932.2436.





The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers is a joint partnership of the Iowa Beef Industry Council, Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, Iowa Corn Growers Association, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, Iowa Pork Producers Association, Iowa Poultry Association, Iowa Soybean Association, Iowa Turkey Federation and Midwest Dairy Association.

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