Kody Havens

Field Specialist

Havens will provide one-on-one assistance to farm families wanting to grow their livestock farms responsibly and successfully. He’ll assist livestock and poultry farmers in following all rules and regulations, choosing good locations for new livestock barns and feedlots, enhancing relations with neighbors and implementing best management practices that improve air, soil and water quality.

Other responsibilities will include leading the organization’s farmer education efforts, including the annual Farming for the Future Conference, coordinating the popular Gary Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award, and networking with the state’s livestock and poultry leaders to provide timely assistance to farm families to help them manage changes to their farms.

Havens, who grew up in Cass County, has been actively involved with livestock production his entire life and has a wealth of knowledge and experience with Iowa’s cattle industry. Prior to his role with the Coalition, Havens served as a Service Manager for Prestage Farms where he was responsible for training and managing farm staff on proper production practices for the daily care of pigs. He graduated from Iowa State University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science.

Get In Touch

Phone: 712.249.9827
Email: khavens@supportfarmers.com