Ag Economic Contribution and Analysis


Iowa is home to 88,637 farms, 97.5 percent of which are family owned. With all the talk of “Big Ag” coming to dominate agriculture, the average farm size in Iowa has held steady since the turn of the century: 345 acres in 2012, 331 acres in 2007 and 350 acres in 2002.

Iowa farms support a healthy and productive livestock industry. In 2012, Iowa farms helped raise 3.9 million cattle and calves, 885,568 beef cows, 204,757 dairy cows and 20,455,666 hogs and pigs.

Iowa continues to be a national and global leader in agriculture, ranking No. 1 in production of hogs, corn, eggs and soybeans – while ranking in the top 5 for red meat production, number of farms, cattle on feed, cash receipts and total value of ag exports.

In 2012, Iowa was the nation’s top producer of corn and soybeans, producing approximately 1.84 billion bushels of corn and nearly 407 million bushels of soybeans.

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