Property Values

New livestock and poultry buildings on farms today are more environmentally responsible than ever before. Additionally, farmers employ the best available technologies for dealing with waste and odor. These things help ensure a better quality of life in rural Iowa today, and for generations to come. In fact, a strong and robust livestock sector enhances property values.

  • Studies have found a higher number of livestock farms in the region is generally associated with higher property values, which may be capturing the positive impact of economic activity in the region on property values in general.
  • Property values are based on a variety of factors including proximity to business, number of recreational opportunities, the performance of local, state and national economies, housing availability, population trends and convenience of transportation routes.
  • Demand and prices for rural acreages remains strong – including those located near modern livestock farms as several studies show and personal testimony from realtors, assessors and land auctioneers who do business in some of the state’s most prolific livestock farming counties.

Livestock farmers are dedicated to leaving their land, businesses and communities in even better shape for the next generation.