Uses for Native Grasses on Farms

07-15-2014 in Green Farmstead Partner

Are you planting trees on your farmstead? Consider adding native grasses to your planting. They can have a positive impact on farming operations similar to tree plantings. Native grasses can create privacy screens, maintain wildlife habitats and improve soil quality.

Livestock and poultry facilities with steep slopes close by can especially benefit from planting native grasses. Grasses act as a ground cover and can slow down or prohibit soil erosion.

While it is important to keep a buffer of mowed grass around the buildings, native grasses can be particularly beneficial when planted away from the barn, in the right places.

Much like planting trees, establishing native grasses is a process. First, determine a planting site and choose grass species.

Utilizing a variety of species will make the planting more resilient over time. After you have decided on the location and species, remove existing vegetation and plant the grass.

Remember, just like trees, native grasses require upkeep and attention, but the benefits to your farm are everlasting.

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