Top 10 Calving Under Roof Considerations

09-22-2016 in Cattle

Raising cows and calves under roof has become a growing trend across the state. Here are 10 considerations to help you determine if this type of facility is the right fit for your farm.

1.Controlled Conditions

Calving barns provide a controlled environment, allowing you to avoid battling cold and muddy conditions on pasture.

2.Cow Longevity

Calving under roof can help increase cow longevity. Under a roofed structure, cows and calves are protected from extreme weather conditions, reducing stress and improving cattle comfort.

3.Improved Conception Rate

Research has shown that under roof, farmers can improve their cow conception rate by 7% on average. Other calving under roof advantages include increased births and decreased mortality rates.

4.Shifting Calving Season

Farmers who are calving under roof have the advantage of shifting their calving season to capitalize on higher seasonal prices. Experts says this is a huge opportunity for cattleman to provide their products to the market at a time when nobody else is that’s using a traditional cow/calf system on pasture.

5.Adding Manure Value

One of the biggest benefits of calving under roof is increased manure value. Using this system, manure can be collected from the barn and applied to your acres to add nutrients.

6.Labor Savings

Calving under roof allows farmers to routinely monitor their cows and calves in one location. Ultimately, this can save you time patrolling pastures and checking fences.

7.Focused Nutrition

Although calving under roof requires an intensive management program, this system allows farmers to meet their cows’ individual nutritional needs. Using creep feeders and a versatile feed program can help you target your cows and calves.

8.Cattle Comfort

Many farmers agree their cattle are calmer and quieter under roof. Calving under roof can mean safer handling for both the cattle and the farmer.

9.Herd Health

When it comes to herd health, raising cattle in a clean, dry, well-bedded environment is advantageous to raising cattle on pasture where mother nature is unpredictable. If health issues do arise, they can quickly be addressed in a calving under roof facility.

10.Performance and Profitability

If managed closely, a consistent calving under roof environment can help increase weight gain and improve performance. Better conditions ultimately lead to better profitability!

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