Master matrix adopted by 88 counties

02-28-2012 in Livestock

Every county in Iowa has the opportunity each year to adopt the master matrix. DNR recently announced that all but 11 counties have chosen to do so. The following counties will not use the matrix in 2012: Decatur, Iowa, Jasper, Keokuk, Lee, Mahaska, Osceola, Plymouth, Wapello, Warren and Washington.

The master matrix allows the county board of supervisors to evaluate construction permit applications and proposed locations for confinements. Farmers in these counties must “earn points” on the master matrix by choosing a site and using practices that reduce impacts on air, water and the community.

The matrix only affects producers who must get a construction permit for a confinement. Generally, these include proposed construction, expansion or modification of confinement feeding operations with more than 2,500 finishing hogs, 1,000 beef cattle or 715 mature dairy cows.

The full news release from DNR is available here.

If you are thinking about growing your livestock or poultry farm and would like assistance interpretting the rules and regulations, please contact the Coalition at 1-800-932-2436 or

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