Manure Stockpiling Reminders

05-13-2016 in Livestock

As planting progresses across the state, the window to apply manure to crop ground is rapidly closing. If you’re planning to stockpile manure over the summer months, double-check the requirements before choosing a location.

There are different requirements based on the type of operation you have. For more specific information, please review the links below (please note: the links will take you to a downloadable PDF).

In general, stockpiles are prohibited on grassed waterways and land with slopes greater than 3 percent unless structures are in place to prevent runoff. There are also separation distances that the stockpile must meet from neighboring residences and water sources. Manure must be land applied no later than six months after creation of the stockpile and in a way that does not cause surface or groundwater pollution.

Dry-Bedded Manure Stockpiling
(for cattle and swine confinements)

Dry Manure Stockpiling
(for poultry and turkey confinements)

Open Feedlot Manure Stockpiling

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