June is National Dairy Month – Toast Iowa’s dairy farmers with milk

06-12-2012 in Dairy

June Dairy Month has been celebrated for 75 years now!  It began in 1937 as a promotion supported by the National Dairy Council to celebrate the dairy industry and help stabilize dairy demand during periods of peak production.  Today, it is a tradition dedicated to the dairy industry for the contributions they have made nationwide.

Did you know that three servings of low-fat dairy per day are essential for building strong muscles and bones, and may even help you lower your blood pressure and lose weight?

Here are some other fun dairy facts:

  • Iowa dairy farms produce 511 million gallons of milk
  • In the state of Iowa, there are 1,670 licensed dairy herds
  • It takes just 48 hours for milk to travel from the farm to a retail outlet in Iowa

“Iowa’s dairy farmers play a crucial role in our state’s economy and are committed to producing the highest quality, most nutritious dairy products possible. They are dedicated to caring for their animals and also strive to care for the environment and take good care of our natural resources,” says Brian Waddingham, Executive Director of the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers.  “Dairy Month provides us with an opportunity to recognize them for their hard work in feeding a growing population.”

Don’t forget how important milk is for the body and support the dairy farmers who work so hard to provide a healthy, safe and wholesome product for all of us.  Here’s a cold glass of milk in salute to the makers of the most nutritious food in the world!

For more information about Iowa’s dairy industry, visit www.midwestdairy.com.

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