Iowa Livestock Insider – December 2017

12-18-2017 in Through The Gate

Mark Your Calendar: Upcoming Events

January 17 – Farming for the Future Conference

The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers thirteenth annual Farming for the Future Conference will be held on January 17 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Quality Inn and Suites in Ames.

This year’s conference, themed “Financing Your Livestock Farm,” features a dynamic line-up of speakers who will help livestock farmers understand the financial programs available to them, provide strategies on ways to manage risk, provide insight on the financing and leasing programs available and how the lending process works. There will also be two expert panels – one that will discuss the opportunities available in forming partnerships to raise livestock and the other will answer your questions about financing and the lending process.

Register and See the Full Agenda


Presentations and Video Now Available from 2017 Iowa Aquaculture Conference

Iowa livestock farmers who missed the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers’ recent Iowa Aquaculture conference can now access all of the presentations and video online to learn more about fish and shrimp farming opportunities in our state.

Each of the presentations and video segments feature experts from the conference who can help Iowa’s livestock farmers better understand the opportunities and challenges associated with raising fish and shrimp on their farm.

“There are many opportunities in the Iowa livestock industry today and fish and shrimp have just been added to that list,” says CSIF Executive Director Brian Waddingham. “The first step for farmers interested in aquaculture is determining if fish farming is the right business opportunity for their family. The resources offered in the videos will help them do just that.”


Farm Tip: Preparing for an EPA or DNR Inspection

If you’re feeling uneasy about how to handle a DNR or EPA environmental inspection on your livestock farm, call the Coalition today for information on the steps you can take to feel confident about your livestock farm passing an inspection.

Check out CSIF’s three-part article series from 2016 on what to do before, during and after a DNR or EPA inspection. If you have questions about your farm passing an inspection, call the Coalition today at 800-932-2436.


Winter Guide to Windbreaks 

Properly installed windbreaks protect your family, your farm and your livestock during the winter season. We’ve got your “Winter Guide to Windbreaks” and dozens of archived entries about snow control available on our Green Farmstead Partner blog.


CSIF Services Spotlight:

Call the Coalition for an On-Farm Assessment – There are opportunities to grow Iowa’s livestock industry, but farmers need a plan for growth. That includes being in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. The Coalition can help you interpret and navigate the rules that apply to your current facilities, helping set your mind at easy about environmental inspections.


Farmgate Quotable

“We are supportive of the Coalition’s mission to go work with producers to do the right things in their operations and to help them understand regulations. CSIF is a real catalyst for expanding animal agriculture in the state and doing things in the right way so we can get ahead of any issues that may arise.” – Mike Naig, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture

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