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05-20-2022 in Through The Gate


CSIF Event Showcases Iowa’s Emerging Aquaculture Industry



The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF) recently hosted the 2022 Aquaculture Conference to provide information about the emerging aquaculture industry and the opportunities it offers to Iowa’s livestock farmers. The event was held at the Quality Inn & Suites in Ames.

More than 100 participants attended the CSIF event to learn more about Iowa’s newest livestock industry. Attendees also were able to see first-hand how tilapia and shrimp are raised with afternoon tours of Eagles Catch in Ellsworth and Midland Co. in Story City. Like other livestock industries, aquaculture is diverse and complex because it encompasses a variety of different species and management systems.

According to experts at the event, the high-quality resources that position Iowa as a top producing agricultural state also make it a natural fit for aquaculture production. They also believe aquaculture can be a good way to diversify farming operations and feed the world.

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Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award






Call the Coalition to Install Windbreaks


More than 80,000 trees have been planted under the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers’ Green Farmstead Partner Program since 2009 when CSIF joined forces with Trees Forever and the Iowa Nursery Landscape Association to encourage farmers to plant windbreaks near their livestock facilities.

“First of all, a windbreak is important as a visual barrier,” says Waddingham. “Neighbors can look out and see trees rather than a building.” Neighbor relations are an important service of CSIF. “Trees and shrubs say the farmer is committed to the environment, above and beyond what is required. It says the producer takes pride in his farm and his livestock.”

A vegetative buffer also offers real benefits in the form of energy cost savings, odor control, weather protection, improved building ventilation and in some cases, even provides an additional revenue stream.

“There are many opportunities out there to improve the environment and your livestock site,” says Waddingham.

From refurbishing an old grove to planting a new windbreak, the program enlists the aid of 30 nursery professionals across the state trained to work with livestock facilities.

The Green Farmstead Partner program offers assistance whether you are building a new site, have been in the business for years, or you simply want to update your existing grove. All livestock farmers are eligible for the program, no matter the type or size of operation.

CSIF covers the cost of the initial consultation and plan design when using a participating nursery. CSIF staff can also explain the various cost-share options that are available and if one of them is right for your farm. “It’s always a good idea to give CSIF a call and see what cost-share programs are available as they do change and new programs come along that may be a good fit for establishing a windbreak on your livestock farm,” says Waddingham.

Click here to learn more about the Green Farmstead Partner Program or call 800-932-2436.



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