Green Farmstead Partner Profile: Egli Landscapes

08-31-2017 in Green Farmstead Partner

By Haley Banwart, CSIF Assistant Field Specialist  

Tim Egli understands the challenges farmers face raising livestock. It’s something he learned growing up on a dairy farm in southeast Iowa and running his own professional landscaping business over the past 13 years.

“As I developed this business and saw what was going on in the turkey, hog and cattle industries, I realized one of the unique challenges farmers are up against is that nobody wants to have the sites and smells that go along with livestock farming, but they still want to have food on the table at the end of the day,” said Egli. “I firmly believe that by doing the best we can to fix things aesthetically we can make this whole thing a win-win.”

Egli’s farm background not only fueled his passion for cultivating plant life, but set the expectations that would later drive the Egli Landscapes business model. Today, those expectations include providing quality services, building lasting business relationships and adding value to every client’s property.

While Egli’s customers range from farmers to homeowners, he shares the same philosophy with every client – landscaping is an investment.

“I want people to understand that when you invest in a shrub or a tree it’s going to grow through the generations of your kids and grandkids, so it’s a long-term investment,” said Egli.

Landscape Longevity
Egli Landscapes also has a reputation for installing larger plant material to establish ‘immediate impact landscapes’. According to Egli, the number one reason he uses this approach is to create an instant transformation on a property. The second reason applies to maintenance costs.

“By planting larger trees and shrubs, you don’t have near the problems from the maintenance side of it including damage from deer, weeds and other pests,” said Egli. “You’ll either have to spend more time and money on maintenance with a smaller plant, or up-front with the larger material. You have to make that decision.”

Egli works hand-in-hand with the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF) to help farmers make those decisions. As a participating landscape professional in CSIF’s Green Farmstead Partner Program, Egli has the experience and expertise to assist farmers in designing and installing windbreaks on their livestock farms.

“Farmers want to be communicated with to understand why trees are so important and that this is a thing that you don’t just set and forget,” said Egli. “You might not see the true benefits from a tree planting for another 20-25 years, but what you have to remember is you’re building something for the next generation.”

The Green Farmstead Partner program was created by farmers to help other farmers who are interested in establishing windbreaks. It is offered by the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers with the help of Trees Forever and the Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association. All livestock farmers are eligible for the program.

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