Fall Planting Success Story: Out with the Old, In with the New

10-13-2016 in Green Farmstead Partner

For many years, trees have functioned as a valuable tool at Pat and Norman Pint’s livestock farm near Fairbank. From improved aesthetics, to mitigating odor, and snow control, the Pints recognized many benefits of the windbreak that had been established on their farm for almost 40 years.

But like many tools, time started to take its toll on the Pint’s trees. Though the existing grove of evergreens provided a great windbreak to shelter and protect the farm, the trees had been planted too close together and the Pints had concerns about how much life was left in their trees. That’s when they turned to the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers to replace their existing shelterbelt.

Working through the Coalition’s Green Farmstead Partner Program, the Pints were connected with landscaping experts from Matthias Landscaping, which was based close by in Waterloo. Together, they made a plan to replace their windbreak and determine which tree species would be the best fit for their farm.

After recruiting a neighbor and other family members to tear out the existing windbreak, the Pints successfully installed 46 new trees on September 18.  A variety of species including Arborvitae, Dogwoods, Norway Spruce, Burning Bush and Snowfall Ninebark were purchased from Cannon’s Greenhouse near Westgate, and planted in place of the crowded, expiring trees.

The new planting will not only serve as a windbreak for the Pint’s home, but will provide an updated aesthetic appeal to their wean-to-finish hog farm in Buchanan County.

The Pint’s success story is just one example of the support and service the Coalition can provide through the Green Farmstead Partner Program.  If you’re an Iowa farmer interested in establishing or updating a windbreak on your livestock farm, contact us at 800-932-2436 or info@supportfarmers.com.

We’ll provide you with a free and confidential consultation to help you get started, and connect you with one of our partnering landscapers or nursery professionals to provide you the assistance you need to complete your tree planting project.

By Haley Banwart, CSIF Assistant Field Specialist 

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