Fall Manure Application Reminders

09-28-2016 in Livestock

Harvest season is here and that means it’s also time to start thinking about fall manure application. Manure is an important resource that can help you build healthy soils by improving soil tilth, water holding capacity and erosion resistance. Following these simple reminders can help you maximize the value of your fertilizer source while maintaining your good standing as a neighbor and as an environmental steward.

1.Measure Manure Value

Test your manure for moisture levels as well as total nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content.

2.Strive for Uniform Application

Calibrate solid manure spreaders and liquid manure tanks prior to application to ensure uniform nutrient distribution across the field.

3.Follow Separation Distances

Meet or exceed the manure application rules and set-backs that apply to your farm.

4.Modify Your Application Rate

Consider if your current manure application rate is adjusted to your crop nutrient needs.

5.Communicate with Neighbors

Visit with your neighbors about your manure application plans and ask if they have any family gatherings or events planned during your estimated application time frame.

6.Keep Thorough Records

Document when and where you apply or handle manure.

7.Update Manure Management Plan

Remember to submit your annual, updated manure management plan to Iowa DNR.

8.Safety First

Finally, always put your safety first. Avoid entering manure storage areas and make sure your equipment’s reflector and hazard lights are working properly before heading out on the road.

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