DNR Preparing New Option for Filing MMP Annual Updates

02-09-2018 in Iowa Livestock Insider

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will soon have an online option for livestock and poultry farmers to file the Manure Management Plan (MMP) annual updates and compliance fees. The electronic MMP (eMMP) filing option provides a simplified process for livestock farmers, their consultants, counties and the DNR.

The new system will be online and accessible in March in time to file the April updates. In preparation for the new system, DNR has taken precautions to ensure the security of your filing. In March, DNR will mail a PIN number to all owners of confinement feeding operations. The PIN number will allow owners to securely access the new system. In preparation, please call your local DNR field office to make sure your current mailing address is on file. The farm site’s address or your consultant’s address will not be adequate for this mailing.

Rather than driving and hand delivering the documents, farmers will have the option to submit the annual MMP electronically from home, the office or a smart phone. Counties will receive the MMP electronically once the DNR approves the submission. While the option to file on paper in person still exists, the eMMP short form provides a secure, automated process to remind farmers of due dates, pay fees online and authorize consultants to submit the update. This will save time while continuing to provide an efficient, high quality service.

For more information about this new option, watch a live webinar presented by Iowa DNR staff on Wednesday, February 28, at 1 p.m. Register here for the webinar to receive a reminder and direct link.

For updates and help on the eMMP, check DNR’s web page or subscribe to AFO eNews, an emailed newsletter for livestock and poultry producers.

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