CSIF Tips of the Month – November 2015

11-10-2015 in Through The Gate

2015: A Year of Opportunity, Challenges in Livestock Industry

The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF) has been busy this year providing assistance to livestock and poultry farmers across the state siting new facilities, interpreting rules and regulations, enhancing relationships with neighbors and implementing best management practices, including planting trees.

This year has been one of growth in the livestock and poultry sectors. At the end of October, the conclusion of the fiscal year, the organization has provided on-farm consultations to 245 farm families, which is up nearly 40% from 2011.

The Coalition received 419 new requests for assistance this year, and facilitated 353 requests for continued support, whether it was answering questions over the phone or providing an on-farm consultation.


Rules & Regs Highlight: Manure Applicator Certification Now Available Online

New online options make training and fee payment easier than ever for more than 4,500 certified Iowa manure applicators.

Applicators can take training with any device that has internet access, but may find a personal computer provides the best performance. If using a public access computer, check with the provider – coffee shop, library or motel – to see how secure the connection is, especially when sharing information about bank accounts.

Online training modules cover topics like biosecurity for human and animal safety, and managing nutrients to improve water quality. Each module is followed by a short activity. Online is similar to in-person or video training, however it’s self-paced and applicators may complete one topic at a time or all topics in one sitting. Online training is also limited to one applicator per computer.

Find a link to online training at www.iowadnr.gov/manureapplicator. This is also where applicators and business managers can check their own records for renewals, expiration dates and fees.


Windbreak Design Tip: Species Selection

There are many things to consider as you design a windbreak. First, consider the differences between deciduous, evergreen and ornamental trees and how they might best fit into your goals for a new tree planting.

If evergreen trees are something that interest you, don’t miss this new post on the Green Farmstead Partner program blog!


Investment Partner Highlight: Iowa Beef Systems 

Iowa Beef Systems, a leading designer of turn-key cattle facilities located in Maxwell, Iowa, has affirmed its support of Iowa agriculture through a continued investment in the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers.

“At Iowa Beef Systems we work with cattlemen to build environmentally responsible buildings that will remain on the family farm for generations,” Mark Ehresman said. “The services provided by CSIF help ensure the successful and responsible growth of Iowa’s livestock farms and we are proud to partner with an organization who so closely aligns with our core mission.”

The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers has helped over 3,300 farm families grow responsibly and successfully since its launch in 2004. CSIF assists farmers with interpreting rules and regulations, site analysis, implementing best management practices and neighbor relations. The Iowa Beef Systems investment assures these services remain free and confidential for all Iowa farm families.

“We are thankful for Iowa Beef Systems support of CSIF and Iowa’s farm families,” CSIF Executive Director Brian Waddingham said. “We applaud Iowa Beef Systems’ dedication to successfully and responsibly growing Iowa agriculture and we are proud to continue working with them to grow Iowa’s cattle industry.”


Farmgate Quotables

“The Coalition made several trips out to the farm to discuss things with us. They were really knowledgeable about DNR rules and regulations and what may or may not be a good site. It just made the process really easy and took the burden off of my shoulders to be up to date on all the DNR regulations.” – Matt Raasch, Sac County pork producer

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