CSIF Tips of the Month – March 2014

03-17-2014 in Through The Gate

Rules and Regs Highlight

Spring Manure Application Tips

As the snow melts and this winter slowly turns to spring, it is extremely important to take into account the conditions of the ground and the weather forecast before applying manure. Although the restrictions on application of manure on frozen and snow-covered ground will expire April 1, farmers are still responsible for any discharges that may result from manure application.

Here are a few tips:

  • Apply on level ground
  • Apply as far away from surface waters as possible
  • Avoid application on ground that drains to tile inlets that discharge directly to surface or groundwater
  • Do not apply manure in a grassed waterway
  • Follow the required separation distances for land application of manure
  • Do not apply prior to forecasted precipitation or warming conditions that will cause snow melt
  • Review your manure management plan before applying

For additional tips, check out this fact sheet, or visit the Iowa Manure Management Action Group website.

First Green Farmstead Partner Program Participant Earns Environmental Steward Award

In 2009, the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers launched an initiative to assist livestock farmers who were interested in planting trees on their livestock and poultry farmers – the Green Farmstead Partner (GFP) program.

The program was launched with an open house and demonstration tree planting at the Bruce and Jenny Wessling farm near Grand Junction.

Recently Wessling Ag – the first participants in the GFP program – were selected as the recipients of the 2013 Iowa Pork Producers Association’s Environment Stewardship Award.

Congratulations to Bruce and Jenny, their daughters, Jolee and Taylor, and Bruce’s parents Roger and Judy on this very deserving honor!

Tired of Moving Snow?

It’s official – it has been a long, cold winter. State climatologist Harry Hillaker recently announced that this past winter has been the coldest Iowa has experienced in 35 years and the 9th coldest on record. Along with the cold temperatures, much of Iowa experienced significant snow fall.

As a result, farmers across the state have spent a significant amount of time and have burned a lot of fuel moving snow.

Did you know a properly designed windbreak can control snow deposition, among other things? To learn more, watch this short video.

For more information on how to design a tree planting for your farm, visit www.supportfarmers.com/greenfarms or call 800-932-2436.


Quote of the Month

“I contacted the Coalition about the Green Farmstead Partner program and for help designing a windbreak for my farm. I was very pleased with the advice the Coalition provided. All farmers need to set a good example on their livestock farms and the Coalition is qualified to help us present the image we want.” – Keith Troyer, Washington County hog and turkey producer

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