CSIF Tips of the Month – June 2014

06-18-2014 in Through The Gate

Rules and Regulations Highlights

Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s: Always Check Separations

When you’re thinking about building a new confinement – whether it’s for 5 head or 5,000 – it’s important to ensure the site is in compliance with all requirements before construction starts.
No matter the size, ALL new confinements must meet separation distances to water. Setbacks to water include:

  • 1000 feet from a major water source (i.e. a navigable lake or river listed in DNR rules), wellhead or cistern of an ag drainage well or known sinkhole.
  • 500 feet from a water source, including lakes, rivers, reservoirs, creeks, streams, ditches or other body of water having definite banks and a bed. Note: this setback is for barns with liquid manure. Confinements with dry-bedded manure (i.e. a bed pack) have a reduced separation of 200 feet.
  • 2500 feet from a designated wetland owned and managed by the federal government or the Iowa DNR.
  • 100 feet from a private deep well; 200 feet from a private shallow well.

Be sure to check groundwater table separation and ensure the site is not on alluvial or karst soil. If more than an acre of dirt will be disturbed during construction, a storm water discharge permit is needed.

Sites with 500 animal units or more must be 100 feet from the road and meet separation distances to residences, business, churches, schools and public use areas.

Depending on your situation, there may be additional considerations. To discuss your proposed site, give the Coalition a call at 800-932-2436 for a free and confidential consultation.


Quote of the Month

“The Coalition is a benefit to all Iowans because a properly sited livestock barn has a positive impact on the entire state and helps Iowa’s overall economy grow.” – Dave Struthers, Story County hog and crop farmer

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