CSIF Tips of the Month – February 2015

02-13-2015 in Through The Gate

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DNR Records: Make Sure Your Farm’s Information Is Correct

DNR continues to inspect livestock and poultry farms across the state, per the requirements of the workplan. The initial part of the inspection process requires DNR to review their records and aerial maps for the farm to determine if an on-site inspection is needed. Legal experts recommend farmers check DNR’s publicly-accessible database to make sure all of the information is correct, particularly the number of animal units.

To check the DNR database, click here. Warning: the search terms can be tricky. First, enter your county and your last name in Facility Name and search. If those search terms don’t bring up your livestock farm, try entering your county and your last name in Owner Name and search. If that still doesn’t find your farm, try entering your county and the farm name in Facility Name and search. If those search terms don’t bring up your livestock farm, try entering your county and the Owner Name and then searching.

If you’re still not able to find your farm in the database, refer to your plat book to obtain the tier number, range number and section number. Enter those into the search criteria and scan the results to find your livestock facility.

Please note: the database is typically used for facilities with manure management plans (over 500 animal units), but may also include animal feeding operations between 300 and 500 animal units that have been inspected by DNR.

If you can’t find a record of your livestock farm, then DNR may not have record of your animal feeding operation at this time.

Once you find your livestock farm in the database, click the red arrow on the far left side of the screen. On the Facility Summary screen, look under Animal Data Summary to check the number of animal units DNR currently has on file for your farm. (To do your own animal unit calculation, use this free, online calculator.)

While you’re in the database, look through the other tabs at the top of the screen, including Facility Detail, Confinement, Animal Units, Features, Geo Review and Site Map.

If you find an error, contact the Coalition at 800-932-2436 to determine the best way to proceed.

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