CSIF Tips of the Month – February 2014

02-04-2014 in Through The Gate

Rules and Regs Highlight

Inspection Update

Spring is coming (believe it or not), and is a prime time for DNR to inspect livestock farms. Take steps now to make sure your farm is in compliance and your records are in order.

Inspections have already started happening around the state. DNR has been notifying farmers 1-3 days prior to an inspection. If you are notified your farm will be inspected, legal experts recommend that you ask for a copy of the desktop assessment before the on-site inspection; discuss any previous inspections and ask if they qualify for the NPDES inspection; inform DNR of your bio-security policy; and contact your consultant and/or engineer.

During on-site inspections, DNR may ask to review your manure management plan and other records; ask about the maximum number of head confined at one time over the last 12 months; and inspect the site, including the manure storage structure(s), manure stockpiles, perimeter tile, feed storage, mortality handling and composting areas, areas downhill of the CFO, and look for any discharges (they may take photos and samples).

For more information on the workplan and DNR inspections of livestock farms, click here. For additional tips on how to prepare for an inspection and what to do during and afterwards, review this checklist (note: the link takes you to a PDF that can be downloaded).

If you are concerned about an inspection of your farm, call CSIF at 800-932-2436 to set up a confidential and free farm visit.


Winter GFP Newsletter Available

The winter edition of The Green Network newsletter, highlighting the Green Farmstead Partner program and livestock farm tree plantings, is now available!

Read about an FFA Chapter’s goal to plant trees and how they partnered with an area farmer to make it happen, and more, here.


Quote of the Month

“We have been working with the Coalition for a number of years. Every farmer, even if he is not expanding his operation, needs to understand and be well-versed on how the laws impact their farm. You want to be on track with what the state is requiring at all times.” – Brent, Dallas County hog and cattle farmer

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