CSIF Tips of the Month – December 2013

12-02-2013 in Through The Gate

Archived Webinar Explaining DNR Inspections Available Online

An archived version of the Coalition’s webinar to help Iowa’s livestock and poultry farmers prepare for on-site inspections of their farms is now available on the CSIF website. The webinar explains the EPA Region 7 and Iowa DNR “Work Plan Agreement” and its impact on livestock and poultry farmers.

On the webinar, experts provided an overview of the work plan agreement, how livestock farms would be identified, order of compliance evaluation and inspections, what enforcement actions would occur and how to prepare for an inspection as well as what to expect during the inspection. It also includes financing options available for those farmers needing to make changes or improvements to their livestock farms.

“Farmers should take the work plan agreement seriously and be proactive in taking a look at their livestock farms,” says CSIF Executive Director Brian Waddingham. “I would encourage farm families to access the online videos to better understand what DNR inspectors will be looking for, whether it’s a desk-top evaluation or an on-site inspection, and how to prepare for it. If they have environmental concerns about their livestock farm, I would encourage them to contact CSIF and arrange a no cost, confidential farm visit.”

The recording is available here.


Rules and Regs Highlight

Winter Application of Liquid Manure 

State law prohibits the application of liquid manure from confinement barns with over 500 animal units on both snow-covered and frozen ground, except in the case of an emergency. (This law does not apply to manure from open feedlots or dry manure.)

These facilities cannot legally apply liquid manure on snow-covered ground (defined as soil having one inch or more of snow cover or one-half inch or more of ice cover) from Dec. 21 to April 1. If manure can be injected or incorporated, it can be land applied during this time.

Additionally, liquid manure can’t legally be applied on frozen ground from Feb. 1 to April 1. Frozen ground is defined as “soil that is impenetrable due to frozen soil moisture but does not include soil that is frozen to a depth of two inches or less.”

For more information, visit the Iowa Manure Management Action Group website.


Quote of the Month

“We have a small feed yard that was built in the 70’s that we are trying to update wisely. I contacted the Coalition because I thought they would be an excellent resource for knowing regulations and siting potential changes. The Coalition is, by design, organized to stay current on Iowa regulations and I view them as an excellent resource for large and small producers that want to make sure they are in compliance with the law.” – Scott Hansen

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