CSIF Tips of the Month – August 2014

08-05-2014 in Iowa Livestock Insider

Rules and Regs Highlight 

Preparing to Pass an Inspection

As fall approaches, make sure your livestock or poultry farm is prepared to pass an inspection.

Inspections of all sizes and types of livestock farms are happening across the state, including both confinements and open feedlots. DNR has been notifying farmers 1-3 days prior to an inspection. If you are notified your farm will be inspected, legal experts recommend that you ask for a copy of the desktop assessment before the on-site inspection; discuss any previous inspections and ask if they qualified as an NPDES inspection; inform DNR of your biosecurity policy; and contact your consultant and/or engineer.

During on-site inspections, DNR may ask to review your manure management plan and other records; ask about the maximum number of head confined at one time over the last 12 months; and inspect the site, including the manure storage structure(s), manure stockpiles, perimeter tile, feed storage, mortality handling and composting areas, areas downhill of the CFO, and look for any discharges (they may take photos and samples).

After the inspection, be sure to ask any questions if something is unclear and ask when the final inspection report will be provided to you.

For more information on the workplan and DNR inspections of livestock farms, click here. For additional tips on how to prepare for an inspection and what to do during and afterwards, review this checklist.

For additional information and confidential answers, call CSIF at 800-932-2436.


#IowaFarmFam Photo Contest Launched

To commemorate a decade of service to Iowa farm families, CSIF is sponsoring a “Farming is a Family Affair” photo contest from August 4 – August 28 through its Facebook page. The photo with the most ‘likes’ will receive an iPad.

“We invite all Iowans to celebrate Iowa’s livestock farm families by participating in this photo contest,” said Brian Waddingham, CSIF executive director. “Most people aren’t aware that 98 percent of Iowa farms are family farms. They may look different today than years ago, but their values and commitment to doing things right is steadfast. This contest is designed to showcase these hard working farm families and the teamwork necessary to be successful on the farm today.”

To enter, email your favorite livestock family farm photo that showcases the work ethic of successful family farms to aswanson@supportfarmers.com. Entrants must be Iowa residents. The photo will then be posted on CSIF’s Facebook page where Iowans will cast their vote by ‘liking’ their favorite photo.


Quote of the Month

“The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers has filled a critical need in working with livestock farmers in an unbiased and confidential manner and helping them work through all aspects of starting or growing a livestock operation… Over the past 10 years, the Coalition has had a significant positive impact on the attitude in the state toward livestock farming.” – Bill Northey, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture

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