CSIF News Briefs – September 2016

09-23-2016 in Through The Gate

Wayne County Pork Producer Recognized as Good Farm Neighbor

The Paul Alexander family of Wayne County was recognized with the Good Farm Neighbor Award on September 15. Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey, presented the award to Paul and his wife, Deleta, commending them for their commitment to their land, their livestock and their community.

The Alexanders are a great example of an Iowa farm family who demonstrates environmental consciousness. In addition to installing windbreaks around their hog barns for odor and snow control, the Alexanders have also incorporated terraces, dry basins and ponds on their acres to help prevent erosion.

“If we’re not environmental stewards we’re not going to have something for the next generation,” Paul said. “We’ve got to be a steward for what we do have, and use it carefully.”

Click on the link for a video interview with Paul Alexander.


Top 10 Calving Under Roof Considerations

Limited access to pasture ground has prompted many Iowa livestock farmers to transition their cattle under roof. As a result, raising cows and calves under roof has become a growing trend across the state.

Click here for considerations that will help you determine if this type of facility is the right fit for your farm!


Farm Tips: Fall Manure Application

Manure management is all about doing the simple things first. Before applying manure on your acres this fall, remember to follow these best management practices:

Strive for Uniform Application – Calibrate solid manure spreaders and liquid manure tanks prior to application to ensure uniform nutrient distribution across the field.

Follow Separation Distances – Meet or exceed the manure application rules and set-backs that apply to your farm.

Modify Your Application Rate – Consider if your current manure application rate is adjusted to your crop nutrient needs.

Communicate with Neighbors – Visit with your neighbors about your manure application plans and ask if they have any family gatherings or events planned during your estimated application time frame.

Keep Thorough Records – Document when and where you apply or handle manure.

At the end of the day, take credit for your livestock manure. It’s an important resource that can help you save dollars on your acres!


Autumn: An Ideal Season for Tree Planting

Thinking about planting trees on your farm this fall? Although the traditional growing season is over for Iowa’s crop farmers, the autumnal equinox ushers in the perfect conditions to complete your tree planting.

Fall is a great time to plant shrubs and trees because it allows the roots to become established before the ground freezes. However, planting trees too late in to the fall can result in poor plant health. The ideal window of time to begin your tree planting is from September through November, or roughly six weeks before the first sign of a hard frost.

Click here for more fall tree planting considerations.


Farmgate Quotable

“The Coalition has helped us a lot in terms of site location. They came out to the farm, brought their computer and looked up all of the locations we thought about putting a building. They helped us determine which sites were the best ones when considering distances away from neighbors and wells. I would definitely recommend giving the Coalition a call.”

– Troy Gilbert, Hogs, Chickasaw County

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