CSIF News Briefs – October 2016

10-24-2016 in Through The Gate

Story County Pork Producer Recognized with Good Farm Neighbor Award 

The Dave and Elaine Struthers family of Story County were recognized with the Good Farm Neighbor Award on Monday, October 17. Iowa Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig, presented the award to the Struthers, thanking them for their commitment to their land and livestock, and their service to their community.

Since getting his start in farming in 1985, Dave has served on a number of agricultural committees and boards at the local, state and national level. Dave is the current past president of the Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA) and has drawn on his leadership roles to help share his farm story.

“I think it’s everybody’s responsibility to speak on behalf of whatever business they do,” Dave said. “Agriculture is a unique profession because it provides fuel, food and fiber and I think it’s important to be involved.”

Read the complete story or clink on the link for a video interview with Dave Struthers.


Banwart Joins Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers

Meet the newest staff member of the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers, Haley Banwart. Banwart grew up on a diversified crop and livestock farm near West Bend. She is a graduate of Iowa State University and spent two summers interning with CSIF before transitioning into her current role as Assistant Field Specialist.

Click on the link to read the full news release or visit the CSIF website to view Banwart’s staff bio.


Farm Tip: Construction Checklist: Building a New Livestock Barn

Harvest is well underway in Iowa, and as fields continue to open up across the state many livestock farmers will be ready to begin construction of new livestock barns. There are several fundamental steps that need to be addressed prior to and during the building process. Follow the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers new construction checklist to help you evaluate your progress.


Fall Planting Success Story: Out with the Old, In with the New

Check out this fall tree planting success story to learn how the Pint family of Buchanan County connected with the Coalition to replace their farm windbreak. The Pint’s story is just one example of the support and service the Coalition can provide through the Green Farmstead Partner Program.

Interested in establishing a windbreak on your farm? We’ll provide you with a free and confidential consultation to help you get started, and connect you with one of our partnering landscapers or nursery professionals to provide you the assistance you need to complete your tree planting project.


Farmgate Quotable

“I would recommend anybody considering anything to do with livestock to get a hold of the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers and let them give you hints on what they’ve found works best.” – Chuck Souder, Floyd County Pork Producer

Click on the link to view Souder’s video testimonial.

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