CSIF News Briefs – December 2016

12-26-2016 in Through The Gate

Five Tips for Understanding Manure Management

Farmers wear many hats, and when it comes to manure management they must balance the roles of an agronomist, economist and environmental steward. Check out the following tips from our recent Manure Workshop to learn how you can better maximize the nutrient value of your manure.

Manure Management Tips


Farm Tip: Preparing for an EPA or DNR Inspection – Part II

Environmental inspections can occur at a moment’s notice. Preparing for an EPA or DNR Inspection: Part II “During the Inspection” outlines simple steps you can take to help you feel confident about the inquiries made on your livestock farm.

To read part one of this three-part article series click here.


Trees: Your Long-Term, Low-Cost Solution

Searching for a long-term, low-cost solution to mitigate odors and manage heavy snowfalls on your livestock farm? Look no further. Our Green Farmstead Partner Program (GFP) features the tools you need – trees!

Read this month’s GFP blog post for more information.


Investment Partner Highlight: Big Gain, Inc.

Big Gain, Inc. affirms its support of Iowa agriculture through an investment in the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF).

Brian Waddingham, executive director of the Coalition, says the group has stepped forward with an investment to support CSIF’s efforts in working with livestock farmers.

“We’re extremely grateful for the contribution made by Big Gain, Inc. to the Coalition and deeply appreciative of their support of Iowa agriculture,” he says. “The financial commitment made by Big Gain, Inc. will assist CSIF in its efforts to provide direct assistance to livestock farmers as they strive to grow their farms successfully and responsibly.”

Click here to read the full news release.


Farmgate Quotable

“What the Coalition does really well is it shares information with farmers quickly, and gets them energized about it. They are also really in touch with what farmers are looking for, and they make sure people like me get that feedback so we know what’s important and what we can all do together to drive agriculture forward.”

– Dan Andersen, Ag and Biosystems Engineering Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Iowa State University

Click on the link to view Andersen’s video testimonial.

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