An exciting new decade

02-13-2020 in Article

by Peyton Schmitt, Communications Intern

While the start of each new year is exciting, the start of a new decade brings even more anticipation about what it will hold. During my time thus far at the Coalition, I’ve seen the growth and innovation we’ve attained over the past decade – including the culmination of over a decade’s worth of efforts with our fifteen-year anniversary. This attitude of continuous improvement makes me incredibly eager to see what the year 2020, and the coming decade, will bring for the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers. From successful open houses and deserving Good Farm Neighbor Award winners, to a Farming for the Future Conference which focused on allowing producers to feel prepared for the new challenges and changes their operations might face, CSIF kept busy during 2019.

It’s no surprise that the team at the Coalition is already preparing to stay just as busy throughout 2020. With a slate of excellent Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award events planned, sharper focus on communication efforts, and continued collaboration with great farmers across the state of Iowa, the Coalition is prepared for another great year. Through opportunities like planting trees with the Green Farmstead Partner Program, being proactive in their approach to rules and regulations, and investing in the importance of neighbor relations, farmers are prepnter this new decade. 

When one considers the Coalition’s history to this point, it’s hard not to be optimistic when picturing where it will be at ten years from now. Of course, the coming decade will bring new challenges in agriculture, but it will also bring dedicated farmers ready to overcome them, with the support of groups like CSIF aiding them in doing so. I cannot wait to see the growth that the Coalition and the producers we support will achieve throughout the next decade, and I encourage you to feel a sense of excitement about what the next ten years will bring as well.

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