2013 Breaks CSIF Record

11-27-2013 in Livestock

The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF) has been busy this year providing assistance to livestock and poultry farmers across the state siting new facilities, interpreting rules and regulations, enhancing relationships with neighbors and implementing best management practices, including planting trees.

Growing the Livestock Industry

This year has been one of growth in the livestock and poultry sectors. At the end of October, the conclusion of the fiscal year, the organization has provided on-farm consultations to 218 farm families, which is nearly 50 more than last year’s record-setting number of farm visits.

The Coalition received 371 new requests for assistance this year, and facilitated 354 requests for continued support, whether it was answering questions over the phone or providing an on-farm consultation.

Along with growth in the livestock industry and construction of new facilities also came neighbor relation problems. Fortunately, proper planning and effective communication with neighbors has proven to help mitigate these problems.

“Farmers interested in growing their livestock farm, or perhaps putting up their first building, are encouraged to take their time in the planning process. Generally, it takes 6-months to 1-year to be able to start construction,” said CSIF Field Coordinator Kent Mowrer. “The more time spent selecting good sites and visiting with neighbors prior to construction makes it easier to move forward. In extreme cases, problems with neighbors have delayed construction up to one year.”

Improving Relations with Neighbors

In addition to communicating with neighbors and community members, there are many other things farmers can do to enhance relationships. One way is by planting trees.

The Coalition offers the expertise of the Green Farmstead Partner program, an initiative designed to provide information, resources and contacts for farmers interested in planting trees on their farms. From providing visual screening, to improving eye appeal, to reducing odor (by 10-15%, according to Iowa State University research), tree plantings are a great way help keep neighbors content. Not to mention the added benefits of wind and snow protection for the facility.

To date, nearly 44,000 trees have been planted on livestock and poultry farms through the program.

To learn more or request information from CSIF, visit www.supportfarmers.com or call 800-932-2436.

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