Green Farmstead Partner Program

The Green Farmstead Partner program was created by farmers to help other farmers who are interested in establishing windbreaks. It is offered by the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers with the help of Trees Forever and the Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association. 

This unique initiative provides information on tree and shrub plantings for livestock farms and offers the expertise of nineteen nursery professionals around the state. In other words, it is here to help you determine what you want from a tree planting, figure out how to accomplish it and get it in the ground and growing!

All livestock farmers are eligible for the program, whether you are in the initial planning stages of building a livestock barn or have raised livestock for years. Or, if you already have an existing grove in need of an upgrade, we can help revitalize it to maximize the overall effectiveness.

To learn more, call 1-800-932-2436 and be sure to visit these pages: 

Frequently Asked Questions


Case Studies

Benefits of Tree Plantings

Participating Nurseries


Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers
Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association
Trees Forever


Thanks to the sponsors of the Green Farmstead Partner program, the resources provided are available to farm families at no cost!