Annual Report


2018 was another busy year for the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF) in
providing assistance to Iowa’s farm families. While down markets continued to present
some challenges for farmers, there were opportunities within the livestock industry.
Diversification with livestock was definitely the theme of 2018. From established
livestock farmers growing their farms to crop farmers adding livestock for the first time,
livestock continued to be vital in keeping farm families living and working on the land.

The CSIF team responded to nearly 700 calls and made more than 150 free and
confidential farm visits during the year to assist Iowa’s farm families. The calls came from
a variety of sources, from new and beginning farmers to existing and well-established
farmers, all interested in adding livestock to the farm. Since 2004, we have helped 4,350
livestock and poultry farm families successfully and responsibly grow their farms.

Our mission of helping Iowa’s farm families grow successfully and responsibly is still
as important to the state today as it was 14 years ago. Our pre-emptive approach of
helping farmers start raising livestock or grow their existing farms has proven to be
successful and — in many cases — essential to reaching the farm family’s goals. The
livestock industry can and will continue to grow in Iowa, but it will need assistance and a
helping hand — which the Coalition stands ready to provide.

We are grateful for the support of our founding organizations and partners and look
forward to a successful 2019.

Brian Waddingham
Executive Director