Aquaculture Conference 2016


Iowa’s livestock farms have continued to diversify their businesses with additional markets throughout the decades — the emerging aquaculture industry being one of the more recent examples. The Coalition, along with co-sponsors Iowa State University and the North Central Regional Aquaculture Center, have worked to bring aquaculture experts together to provide local farmers with information about this new livestock industry.

For more information about this unique market opportunity, contact the Coalition or see information from past conferences.


Aquaculture Production Systems

Allen Pattillo, Iowa State University

Read an overview of the aquaculture industry, including issues and opportunities for Iowa’s farmers and the facilities needed to be successful.

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Overview of Shrimp Culture

Andrew J. Ray, Kentucky State University

See what is needed for a shrimp culture system from facilities to management.

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Overview of Water Chemistry

Joe Morris, Iowa State University

Water quality determines the success or failure of a fish farming operation. Read what you need to know in this presentation.

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Aligning Soy and Aquaculture

Bridget Owen, Soy Aquaculture Alliance

The soy and aquaculture markets can support each other. Learn the importance of soy-based feed ingredients and how the two markets can work together.

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The Role of Cooperatives for Aquaculture Producers

Bill Lynch, Ohio Aquaculture Association

Understand how cooperatives can help aquaculture producers find success in this presentation.

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Iowa Aquaculture: Rules and Regulations

Brian Waddingham, Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers

Understand the at-times complex rules and regulations for aquaculture farmers from the Coalition.

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Aquaculture Licenses and Importation Permits

Alan Johnson, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Review Iowa’s code of rules concerning aquaculture in this informative presentation from the Iowa DNR.

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Fish Farming & Food Regulations

Mark Speltz, Iowa Department of Inspection and Appeals

See what you need to know for Iowa aquaculture operations producing fish for human consumption.

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Do You Need a Business Plan?

Jim Venner, Ag Visions Enterprises, LLC

Get the information you need to develop a business plan for your new aquaculture operation.

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Basic Marketing Consideration for Aquaculture

Daniel Burden, Iowa State University

Understand the aquaculture market and considerations as you grow your operation.

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