Iowa Livestock Insider - August 2017


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Haley Banwart | Assistant Field Specialist


CSIF Launches Iowa Livestock Insider 

The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers recently launched the first edition of their new newsletter – the Iowa Livestock Insider. The monthly online publication was designed to replace the organizations’ former E-TEAM! Newsletter. To subscribe, simply send your name and email address to

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Clarke County Family Wins Good Farm Neighbor Award, Attributes Success to Neighbors

A celebration was held in honor of the Tim and Beva Lupkes family on Monday, Aug. 21, as they were presented with the Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award for going above and beyond as environmental stewards, livestock caretakers and community members.

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Marshall County Good Farm Neighbor Award Recipients Leave Legacy for Next Generation

The Norval and Esther Mosher family were recognized with the Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award on Friday, Aug. 25. They were nominated for the award by their friend and neighbor, BJ Hoffman, who highlighted the family’s commitment to their land and livestock, and their longstanding involvement in several community organizations.

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Call the Coalition to Install Windbreaks

Working through the Green Farmstead Partner Program, a properly installed windbreak can help control snow deposition, improve the appearance of your farmstead, enhance neighbor relations and protect air and water quality.

For more information, visit farms or call 1-800-932-2436.


Five Things I Learned Interning with the Coalition

As her internship comes to a close, Emma Wilson reflects on the top five things she learned as the communications intern.

“Although Iowa State has given me incredible opportunities, the experiences I’ve had with the Coalition couldn’t have been found in the classroom.”

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Green Farmstead Partner Profile: Egli Landscapes

As a participating landscape professional in CSIF’s Green Farmstead Partner Program, Egli has the experience and expertise to assist farmers in designing and installing windbreaks on their livestock farms.

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Farmgate Quotable

"The team came on site and evaluated how close we were to neighbors, what kind of water was in the area, topography, setbacks and all the boxes you need to check for the DNR. Talking to the Coalition helped us make a good, informed decision." - Jon Haman, Feeder Creek Energy