Dan Speicher's Testimonial

"I would strongly suggest using the Coalition because they answered tons of questions and did a bunch of leg work for me so that I didn't have to take time out of my busy schedule." - Dan and Carol SpeicherSpeicher’s feedlot, Prime Feed­­ers, had worked to exceed all environmental rules and had never been cited for a manure runoff or any other violation. Still, the unannounced site inspection from the U.S. Environmental Pro­­tection Agency (EPA) was very unnerving.

Cattle feeder Dan Speicher admits he spent a lot of nights tossing and turning after federal regulators made a surprise inspection of his feedlot in Chickasaw County late last year.

Speicher and many livestock farmers in Iowa are turning to the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF) as they deal with increased oversight of Iowa’s cattle feedlots. "Having CSIF to help me with this has made a huge difference for us," Speicher said. "Kent (CSIF field specialist Kent Mowrer) really helped get the answers we needed to deal with this."

To assist Prime Feeders, CSIF’s Mowrer visited the feedlot after the EPA inspection and helped the family identify potential areas of concern. Speicher and his wife, Carol, said the help from CSIF was critical in helping them understand and respond to the EPA.

Hear more of Speicher's story by watching the video below.