Ag Economic Contribution Analysis

"For the state of Iowa to economically grow and prosper, we need farm families involved in livestock to responsibly grow as well. CSIF helps bridge that gap and create an environment where people and livestock can cohesively co-exist. Now that’s an effort worth championing." —Rick Pederson, farmer, Humboldt

Iowa agriculture puts healthy, affordable choices of food on the table for today’s consumers and brings jobs and economic development to the state according to an economic analysis sponsored by the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers.

The tally of agriculture’s contribution, based on 2007 Census of Agriculture data, reveals farming is tightly linked to many Iowa industries. Production agriculture and ag-related industries directly and indirectly employ nearly 320,000 Iowans (or 17 percent of the state’s workforce) and adds $72.1 billion to the state’s economy, or 27 percent of the state’s total economic activity (a two percent increase over a previous analysis utilizing 2002 Census of Agriculture data).

The study also reaffirms the importance of livestock and poultry farming’s contribution to individual families. Statewide, livestock and poultry production contributes nearly $1.1 billion to household income. Raising livestock and poultry alone generates 43,324 jobs in Iowa. When meat processing is factored in, research shows a contribution of 80,278 jobs to the state with a total economic value of $19.5 billion in Iowa.

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