Resources and Links

A Guide for Installing Vegetative Environmental Buffers
Note: A handbook developed by Trees Forever to help farmers plant trees and shrubs around livestock buildings.

Iowa State University's Vegetative Environmental Buffer Research 
Note: This website summarizes research that investigated the use of vegetative filters to mitigate farm odors, block wind and provide aesthetic value.

Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment
Note: An excellent resource for planning windbreaks/odor buffers.

2007 Iowa Woodland Suitability Recommendations
Note: Tells which trees are good for your particular soil type.

University of Connecticut Plant Data Base 
Note: An excellent source to view pictures and information for various plants by either common name or scientific name. It may not list all plants, but will have most. 

Farmstead Windbreak

Grass and Weed Control for Tree and Shrub Plantings 
Note: A guide to care and maintenance of seedling plantings but can be adapted for larger plants too

Iowa Wind Roses
Note: Show wind direction by month (and averaged over a period of years) for Iowa. Select location nearest your site.

Additional Resources

Native plant information and nurseries (grasses and forbs)

Ion Exchange
Note: Good information on native grass and wildflowers. Located near Harpers Ferry, Iowa,

Prairie Moon Nursery
Note: Good information on native grass and wildflowers (out of Wisconsin)

Prairie Nursery
Note: Good information on native grass and wildflowers (out of Wisconsin) (not the same as above)

The Prairie Flower
Note: Located near Spencer, Iowa

Osenbaugh’s Prairie Seed Farms
Located near Lucas, Iowa

Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association

Kelly Tree Farm

Windbreak Trees