There are many benefits associated with planting trees on livestock and poultry farms, including: 

  • Control snow so it's not deposited on driveways, feed bunks, pit fans or roofs
  • "If we don't have to scoop snow off a roof, the trees have paid for themselves."- Ryan Pudenz, Prestage Farms of Iowa

  • Improve relationships with neighbors
  • Improve aesthetics and provide visual screening
  • Reduce odor
  • Provide shade in the summer and protection from winter weather
  • Conserve energy

There are other benefits, too. By participating in the Green Farmstead Partner program, farmers visually demonstrate to their neighbors and community their commitment to doing things right. For this reason, the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers will also provide participating farm families with a two-sided, three-foot-by-four-foot personalized Green Farmstead Partner sign for placement at the farm.