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Iowa Coalition a good model | 07-Dec-2004

Tuesday, December 7, 2004 By Jean Caspers-Simmet Agri News staff writer Published with..

ISU launches new corn, soybean initiative | 07-Dec-2004

A new Iowa Corn and Soybean Initiative designed to better serve the needs of corn and soybean grower..

Ag sets Iowa's table economically, socially | 06-Dec-2004

By Aaron Putze CSIF Executive Director-Public Relations Officer Recent reports of healthy gr..

CSIF to build on success in 2005 | 03-Dec-2004

The Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers (CSIF) is planning to build on its early success in promotin..

Bush nominates native Iowan for nation's top ag post | 02-Dec-2004

President Bush nominated Dec. 2 an Iowa native to oversee the nation's farm and food programs. ..

Farmers not encouraging 'next generation' | 02-Dec-2004

There is arguably no profession more important that food production, yet a recent survey conducted b..

New organization to promote livestock in South Dakota | 02-Dec-2004

A new agricultural organization, Agriculture United for South Dakota, was formed in South Dakota. ..

BSE test negative | 29-Nov-2004

A third inconclusive test for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) was negative, the U.S. Departme..

Enhanced animal feed good for livestock, environment | 29-Nov-2004

Courtesy of the Council for Biotechnology Information Plant biotechnology is already making anim..

Livestock antibiotic use declines | 18-Nov-2004

New data from a survey of animal health companies show that the volume of antibiotics used in animal..

Crops specialists take charge in news of soybean rust detection | 10-Nov-2004

Soybean rust has been confirmed in the United States. The Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) received wo..

Soybean rust appears in the United States | 10-Nov-2004

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Inspection Service today (Nov. 10) confirmed t..

Livestock farmers win with ruling | 09-Nov-2004

By MATTHEW WILDE, Staff Writer Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier Published Nov. 6, 2004 The I..

Biotech measures defeated in Nov. 2 election | 04-Nov-2004

Biotech farmers in San Luis Obispo, Humboldt and Butte counties in California can breathe a sigh of ..

Raccoons, deer cause most crop damage | 04-Nov-2004

According to researchers at Purdue University, raccoons and deer cause most damage to crops that is ..

Mandatory price reporting ends on livestock | 03-Nov-2004

There are gaps in some daily U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) market reports because a federal ..

Biotech crops give boost to Iowa farmers, consumers | 02-Nov-2004

A new study finds that the widespread adoption of biotech crops increased farmer income, boosted yie..

Iowans need each other to make Iowa great | 01-Nov-2004

By Aaron Putze, APR Iowa needs farmers. Farmers need Iowa. It's a relationship that's helped ma..

Biotech crop plantings boost U.S. farm income | 27-Oct-2004

U.S. farmers who planted bio-engineered corn, cotton and other crops in 2003 boosted their annual in..

Putze named CSIF executive director | 25-Oct-2004

Aaron Putze, Iowa Farm Bureau director of public relations, has been appointed executive director of..