Siting New Livestock Facilities, Interpreting Regulations

Confidential services that help farmers understand the rules that apply to their farm. Read more

Putting Down Roots on Your Livestock Farm

Tree plantings can control snow, improve relationships with neighbors and much more! Read More

Developing Relationships with Neighbors

Learn how to develop a neighbor relations plan for your farm. Read More

The Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers (CSIF) was established in 2004 by farmers for farmers to help those that raise livestock successfully and responsibly manage changes to their livestock farms.  CSIF does this by helping farmers navigate the maze of state and federal regulations, providing a building site analysis, consulting on safeguarding the environment and enhancing neighbor relations.

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WEST DES MOINES, IA - Aug. 10, 2004 - An advertisement sponsored by the People for the Ethical Treat..

Farm organizations work together to slow the loss of livestock, farmers05-Aug-2004

By Mike McGinnis Commodities Editor DTN News Reprinted with permission DES MOINES (..

Ethanol plant to expand03-Aug-2004

Midwest Grain Processors Cooperative (MGP) last week announced plans to double the capacity of its d..

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